Replacing old siding on your home is one of the best home renovation projects you can do as far as the return on your money, with the extra money you get when you sell your house often paying for the cost.

You have plenty of options these days when it comes to picking new siding. Vinyl siding comes in hundreds of different colors and styles and fiber cement siding is growing in popularity. Some people still opt for aluminum siding, too.

One great thing about vinyl siding is it often comes with special material for soffits and overhangs that makes installation much easier and more affordable than in the past. The quality of vinyl siding also continues to approve over the years to make it last much longer and show less wear and tear.

Another advantage to vinyl is that it can be safely and cost efficiently put into place over old asbestos siding (click here for more information) and give homes a brand new look and feel.

As far as vinyl siding brands to consider, CertainTeed is a good one and you can check out different styles of siding at Lowes and other big box stores.

New siding or windows is always a big investment so don’t jump into it. Be sure to take your time to research the options and what maintenance is involved before you make a choice.

Windows can also save you money in the long run by saving on your energy bill every month. In some cases they can pay for themselves in ten years or less, especially if you have an older home that still has the original casement or single pane glass windows.

Here’s a good video to show what to expect and the general process of installing new vinyl siding:

Make sure you check with the BBB before having any contractor do work on your home, especially for a big job such as installing new siding or windows.

Cheapest isn’t always best and what might look like a great deal could be the most expensive job in the world if the contractor does a poor job and you have to pay someone else later to come back and his the mess.